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Localize the storyboard and xib (Swift)

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We learn to localize the storyboard or xib. First, create your application, then go to Project – Info – Localizations, click on + and add the languages ​​you need (Pic 1), when adding, you can check which objects you want to apply localization to. Next, next to your storyboard or xib, you will see a down arrow, expand the list, and you will see that the strings file (the specified language) has been added and it lists all the text that is in the storyboard (Pic 2). You can select all languages ​​in the Inspector...

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Apple News – Raise prices

Apple can raise prices for all devices💰 Because of the US plans to introduce a state duty on goods from China, prices for devices can soar, most devices are assembled in China. First of all, prices can rise on Apple Watch, HomePod and AirPods.

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UIPanGestureRecognizer (Swift)

UIPanGestureRecognizer – with it you can move the overview of the area. For example: you can use UIPinchGestureRecognizer to magnify the picture and now you need the ability to move the viewport to view it completely. ✅ – Create a UIImageView; ✅ – Create UIPanGestureRecognizer () ✅ – Assign PanGesture function for panning (panGesture = UIPinchGestureRecognizer (target: self, action: # selector (self.handlePan))); ✅ – We write the necessary actions in the function (@objc func handlePan (recognizer: UIPanGestureRecognizer) { let translate = recognizer.translationInView (self.view) if let view = recognizer.view { view. center = CGPoint (x: view....

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Apple News – IOS 12 Shortcuts

IOS 12 will feature a very useful Shortcuts tool. Shortcuts is an analogue of Automator on macOs, ie the ability to combine several actions into one. Many processes will be available in Shortcuts, for example, to download videos from social networks or YouTube you do not need to install special applications, it will be enough to start the process in Shortcuts. It is also possible to quickly transfer from one format to another and many more interesting processes. By the way, processes for Shortcuts can be written in Java Script! Apple new update IOS 12

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Apple News – Apple Piazza Liberty in Italy

In Italy, opens the 17th store Apple. But it will not just be a store in the usual sense, Apple Piazza Liberty will combine a store with an amphitheater, fountains, huge spaces, for events, many other boutiques and all this will work around the clock! Opening is expected in Milan in late July. Apple news new store company official

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