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UIPageViewController (Swift)

Often there is a need to make browsing of pictures by whispering, and how correctly this can be found not immediately. For this purpose, we need to use the UIPageViewController – this is a view controller that manages the navigation between content pages. You need to create a Page controller, a controller that will contain thumbnails and a main controller that will link the two controllers. And the rest is for the code. class ViewController: UIViewController, UIPageViewControllerDataSource { var pageViewController: UIPageViewController? let contentImages = [“Image-1”, “Image-2”, “Image-3”] func pageViewController (_ pageViewController: UIPageViewController, viewControllerBefore viewController: UIViewController)...

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From 4 to 8 June we are waiting for WWDC 2018!

We are expecting more than 100 sessions of both technological and design innovations that will help developers to create new more advanced products! On WWDC specialists will help in creating applications, give advice and teach you new opportunities, the most anticipated event for developers under IOS. WWDC 2018 Apple technology new programming  IOS

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Effect Blur (Swift)

In the standard Xcode tools, there is one very convenient thing – UIVisualEffectView. Often a blur effect is needed and to make life easier, you can use this tool. With it, you can blur any object, select a blur level and a hue. IOS Development Programming Swift tutorial RabbiFox

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