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Apple emoji

😏👿👻👼🏻⛄️ - Apple Emoji

Apple has banned developers from using emoji in their applications. Emoji Apple can now be used only when typing text from the keyboard, in other cases (for example, use as buttons or other elements) in the release of the application will be denied. Development Programming Swift tutorial

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Tab Bar Controller (swift)

In Storyboard there is a very convenient thing – TabBarController, if you need a menu with different interactions between tabbar controllers, this will help you a lot. It is simple and very easy to use. Each bar tab is linked to the view controller to configure the tabs, you need to assign view controllers. Create TabBar in Storyboard, or register a class: class TabBarViewController: UITabBarController, UITabBarControllerDelegate {} Development GameDev Programming ProgrammingTutorial SwiftHelp

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