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Effect Blur (Swift)

In the standard Xcode tools, there is one very convenient thing – UIVisualEffectView. Often a blur effect is needed and to make life easier, you can use this tool. With it, you can blur any object, select a blur level and a hue. IOS Development Programming Swift tutorial RabbiFox

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Apple emoji

😏👿👻👼🏻⛄️ - Apple Emoji

Apple has banned developers from using emoji in their applications. Emoji Apple can now be used only when typing text from the keyboard, in other cases (for example, use as buttons or other elements) in the release of the application will be denied. Development Programming Swift tutorial

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Json (Swift)

Typically, if we work with the API Social. networks, the data comes to us in the .json format and we need to work with the data contained within this document. To work with this data is very simple, in most cases the data in the document are contained in the form of arrays or dictionaries. For example, we received data in this form: let json = “” “{// the first parenthesis opens the object “data”: [// square bracket denotes an array {// and this is again an object, that is, we get an array of...

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Share the link (Swift)

Share the link! Do you know what this phrase means? Share a link or picture, if it’s simple, then it means sharing it with someone. In this case, share a link with your friends. For such purposes, you can use the UIActivityViewController. The UIActivity object has a set of parameters excludedActivityTypes (assignToContact, print, addToReadingList …) with which you can define an object for sharing. Standard sharing implies that the user can share the specified object in any application (of course, which has this feature), which is installed on the mobile device. Swift programming tutorial RabbiFox

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Multithreading – Queues (Swift)

One of the important tools that every developer under IOS should know is multithreading. In some situations, you need to split your code execution into different threads, for example, if you want to load an image and at the same time figure something out, it’s better to use multithreading to perform two tasks simultaneously without overloading the process. Multithreading for another can be explained by queues, as in real life people line up in the queue in stores, and in programming some of the code can be lined up. Queues are serial and concurrent, and...

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