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Apple News – Apple Piazza Liberty in Italy

In Italy, opens the 17th store Apple. But it will not just be a store in the usual sense, Apple Piazza Liberty will combine a store with an amphitheater, fountains, huge spaces, for events, many other boutiques and all this will work around the clock! Opening is expected in Milan in late July. Apple news new store company official

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Apple News – Update your application

Apps must accurately describe new features and product changes in their "What's New" text. Simple bug fixes, security updates, and performance enhancements may rely on a generic description, but more significant changes must be listed in the notes.

— Apple official guide

To everyone who releases their own applications! 📱 Previously, about new game updates, you could write 1-2 lines and Apple accepted them, now developers are required to describe in detail everything that was changed in the update, otherwise the game or application will be rejected. About this Apple is written in the official guide, paragraph 2.3.12: developer.apple.com/app-store/review/guidelines/#accurate-metadata Update game and application for IOS in App Store Details description Apple guide

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Apple News – WWDC 2018

June 4 was the opening of WWDC 2018 and what did Apple present: – iOS 12 (no doubt everyone was waiting for a new update, the augmented reality was improved, the photo gallery was upgraded, now users can create their Memoji, notifications on the screen can be grouped, FaceTime launched group calls and many other features) – WatchOS 5 (added new modes of activity, added the ability to talk on the clock as a radio) – TvOS (the prefix will play more surround sound, now you can watch 4K video with HDR) – macOS 11.14...

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