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Apple News – IOS 12.1 What new?

The main update is the activation of a second SIM card on iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR, but only on Chinese devices! Added group FaceTime audio and video calls for up to 32 people. Added 70 new emoji. Improved performance of the cellular module on the new iPhone. Improved VoiceOver in Siri and Safari. IOS 12 update iPhone iPad Apple system

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Apple News – New update and devices from Apple

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✅ MacBook Air – much thinner, 13.3 ‑ inch Retina screen, Touch ID, Thunderbolt 3 (USB ‑ C), as well as the new MacBook Air made from 100% recycled aluminum! ✅ Mac mini – 6 cores, 2666 MHz, 64 RAM and SSD 2TB, Thunderbolt 3 (USB ‑ C) connectors, HDMI 2.0, and 10GB Ethernet, and you can also make trusses from Mac mini, connect them to the iMac and thus make your own Mac mini is more powerful. ✅ Apple Store – new unique sessions, 60 different training and entertainment sessions in official Apple stores...

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Apple News – Apple Presentation, October 30

October 30, we will have a presentation from Apple! 🙂 The presentation will be held at the Howard Gilman Opera House in New York. Of course, we are waiting for a new iron from Apple! We look forward to the release of the new MacBook, iPad and wait for the AirPods 2! 😉 Read about the presentation results later on our website!

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Apple News – macOS Mojave

Updating macOS Mojave! The main feature of the new system is a dark background, now you can choose between dark and light design. All elements on the desktop can be combined into “stacks” depending on the format, creation date, etc. In the Finder, Gallery View is available with the ability to view file thumbnails. FaceTime added group calls to 32 people. The capabilities of the Continuity mode are extended, now you can get quick access to pictures from other Apple devices. Added a quick screen recording, using the combination of Command + Shift + 5,...

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Apple News – Swift 4.2

What’s new in Swift 4.2? Added: ➕ a new CaseIterable protocol that helps with the enumeration; ➕ new directives #warning (it reminds that part of the code is not implemented to the end) and #error (if you need to cause an error when compiling); ➕ A new method of removing elements from the collections removeAll(where 🙂 (removes elements that match the condition); ➕ The toggle() method to change the state of the Bool type. These are the main changes in the new version, in addition there are many more changes. Xcode Swift IOS programming language

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