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Apple News – Presentation of Apple results

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The presentation of Apple was held, what made us happy? 🤔 Updated the iWatch Series 4, now they are frameless, much thinner, the screens have become more 32% and 35%, as well as improved speed. Three new devices were introduced: iPhoneXS, iPhone XS Max, iPhoneXR. Presented models of the new iPhone are essentially updates of the iPhoneX. The iPhoneXS improved the chip, the screen device 5.8-inch Super Retina, devices more waterproof, added video recording with stereo sound, the camera is developed, the ability to change the aperture after you have already taken a photo is...

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Apple News – Apple presentation today

Already today, September 12 presentation from Apple! In Cupertino (California), a presentation will begin from Apple. We expect a lot of new products! 😎 A live broadcast can be viewed on the official website of Apple. Apple Presentation 2018 IOS new iPhone and iMac and other

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Apple News – MacBook without a keyboard

Apple plans to release the MacBook without a keyboard. In the future, MacBook from Apple will not have a keyboard in the usual sense of the word. Instead of the keyboard in the laptop, they want to place a large touchpad that will respond to all the presses. We follow the news, more interesting. Apple news MacBook keyboard

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Apple News – Raise prices

Apple can raise prices for all devices💰 Because of the US plans to introduce a state duty on goods from China, prices for devices can soar, most devices are assembled in China. First of all, prices can rise on Apple Watch, HomePod and AirPods.

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